Are you ready and prepared to enter into the new heavens and new earth?  We live in a world and in a universe that will totally be destroyed in the future.  The physical creation we now live in is subject to entropy—the continual winding down of all physical things.  Because of this and even more important, the fact that sin has entered the earth and corrupted it, God will destroy the existing heavens and earth by divine judgment.

When does this happen?  After the following:

**Recorded history of man is at its end.  Rev. 21

**Christ has gathered His church in the Rapture.  I Thess 4:15-17

**The Tribulation has passed.  Rev. 6-18

**Battle of Armageddon has been fought and won by our Lord Jesus Christ.  Rev. 19:17-21

**Satan has been chained for the 1000 year reign of Christ on earth.  Rev. 20:1-3

**A new glorious temple has been established in Jerusalem.  Ezek. 40-48

**Satan has been thrown into the eternal lake of fire.  Rev. 20:7-10

**Great White Throne Judgment has taken place, and mankind has been judged.  Rev. 20:11-15

God now creates the new Heavens and the new Earth and reveals the New Jerusalem.  The New Jerusalem will be the center of the universe.  The size of New Jerusalem is a cube 1400 to 1500 miles on each side.  For a comparison that is Maine to Florida (N-S), Maine to Kansas (E-W), and 1400 to 1500 miles high.  The City is dazzling in every way and will be lighted by the Glory of God—read Rev. 21:15-23.  There  are seven evils that will no longer exist—sea, death,  mourning, weeping, pain, curse and night.

Who are the residents of the New Jerusalem?  God the Father and God the Son, Jesus, will be there.  Angels are at the gates.  The City will be filled with God’s redeemed children who all have glorified physical bodies.  I Corinth 15:35-58.  This is the dwelling place of all believers forever.  Are you ready to be a resident of the New Jerusalem?  Have you accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior?  Please do.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

The AI god,

You see it every day—humanity is consumed by electronics, computers, I pads, I phones, television, virtual reality, and more!  You have seen it on tv—a person walking down the sidewalk looking at their phone falls over barricades and into a hole.  Or someone on a phone walks out into a street and gets hit by a car.

What about our family life?  You have seen the picture of a family around the dinner table with all members staring at their phones.  And I liked this one—the internet went out for a day and dad says “now I can find out how my son and daughter are doing and I hope I can get along with them”.

Get ready—the AI god is here and developing!  Did you know that we now have an AI church?  It is called “Way of the Future (WOTF)” and it will worship artificial intelligence.  In fact our federal government issued the church tax-exempt status last August.  The leader and “Dean” of the church is Anthony Levandowski, a silicon valley multi-millionaire.  If you think this is absurd—then go to the WOTF website and find out what the church believes. 

Satan is alive and well—and will use this church for his use and advantage.  Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have said that superhuman AI will likely be dangerous rather than benevolent.  Elon Musk said “we are summoning the demon”.

Levandowski has said “What is going to be created will effectively be a god.  If there is something a billion times smarter than the smartest human, what else are you going to call it?”

May the one and only true God help us—humanity must turn to Him.  The Book of Revelation is being played out in front of our eyes—the beast/antichrist, the harlot, 666, false prophet, one world religion and more!

Are you ready for Jesus’s return at the Rapture?  Don’t forget that God made you with a soul and spirit,  The AI god has no soul and spirit!

The Importance of Biblical Prophecy

Did you know that over 25% of Bible verses contain prophecy?  Since the Bible makes prophecy a priority—so should our churches and we as individuals.  In fact many churches in this country do not teach prophecy at all or may include a very small morsel of prophecy in their diet.  Why do pastors and teachers ignore 25% of the Bible?  A few possibilities:  people will be scared;  might offend some;  people might not tithe;  might be called “looney”; and the fact that some pastors and teachers do not understand it.

This could be one cause of the apostasy growing in our churches today.  We also have within our churches the “feel good philosophy”, “easy believism”, “watered down gospel”, “need your money”, “no Lordship”, “we accept everyone with no changes”, and more.  The church is looking more and more like the world—wake up church—the end times are near.

Now seriously consider the following reasons for churches and individuals to teach and study prophecy.  These are just a few of many:

  1. One of best evangelistic tools today:  Most people want to know about the future.  Prophesy reveals the one and only true God.  Prophesy also reveals the impending judgment to come with unbelievers.
  2. Reveals the person, plans, and purpose of Jesus Christ.
  3. Amazing apologetic: One can defend his or her faith based on past fulfilled prophecy and prophetical events which are yet to come.  The Bible has a 100% accuracy rate with regards to past fulfilled prophecy.
  4. Inspires us to lead a holy and godly life: A life filled with purity, purpose and preparedness.  Makes us less attached to the temporal and more willing to invest in the eternal.
  5. Enables us to understand the times we are living in: This knowledge can help eliminate fears, anxiety, apathy, and a loss of hope.
  6. Brings a promise of blessing: God promises a blessing to every one who “reads and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heeds the things which are written in it (Rev. 1:3)

Computer Develops it’s own Language


Google and it’s AI (artificial intelligence) researchers have just announced the Neutral Machine Translation System (GNMT).  The GNMT was asked to look at all the languages that are now existent and be able to translate from one language to another.  During this exercise the computer developed its own internal language on its own—and not by command from humans.  It used a deep learning process.  Where could all this be heading?
On another front AI bots (robots) are now being trained to create their own language as the bots move around a set environment.
We see just the beginning of this end time phenomena with the use of AI assistants such as SIRI and ALEXA.
Let your mind run wild as to future developments in this field:  chat-bots, killer robots, and GRINS technology being used to create a trans-human.  
Some predict all this research and development will be a reality in twenty to thirty years.  Some of this for the good and some for the bad!  Get ready for the Beast-Antichrist to take over and say to the world—worship me.
May you know the one and only true God.

Transhuman Explosion

Are you ready for “Chatbots”, “Killer Robots”, “CRISPR-cas9”, and “GRINS”? Guess what? They are already here!

You hear about drones everyday now. From the small ones that we have access to and to the ones used by our military to kill the enemy in the Mideast. These are usually controlled by humans on the ground.

We can also purchase “friendly” robots today to do work around the home. Larger computer driven robots do all kinds of work in factory settings. Under development now are autonomous machine/weapons called killer robots that use artificial intelligence. These prototypes will soon be a reality and be used in warzones. Check Google for “Chatbots” and “Killer Robots”.

Many labs and companies around the world are now involved in the trans-human explosion. This is the genetic modification of humans—merging man and machines. We are already modifying the genes of plants and animals.

CRISPR-cas9, a human gene altering lab kit developed in 2012, is now being sold. This allows a human DNA strand to be “cut” and new genes inserted. Check Google for “CRISPR-cas9”.

Now to GRINS technology: Genetics, Robotics, artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, and Synthetic biology. These are all being combined to develop a trans-human. Work has already begun on this development and full blown trans-humans are predicted to be a reality between 2030 and 2050. Our own government is using our tax dollars to develop guidelines for setting government policy regarding the next step in human evolution—“genetic enhancement”. Check Google for “GRINS technology”.

The Bible speaks to all of this. Be prepared for we are in the latter days, Revelation 13: 11-12. God created us in His own image and man says that is not good enough. We are insulting God. Man will soon be creating a soul-less creature.

If interested please see the documentary “Inhuman: The next and final phase of man is here” by Dr. Thomas Horn.