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Bible Quiz

But first, let’s do some fact checking. 

Are you ready?

As the website name signifies we offer you Biblical insight into end time events.  We will look at today’s events—events in America and the world, which are rapidly converging to the end times.

Bible Fact Check

First, let's do some fact checking. Are you ready

Answers and references. ↓(Click on question to open answer)

1. Jesus was born in September.

 Yes.  Luke 1&2 states John the Baptist was born during Passover in 5 B.C.  Jesus was born six months later during the Feast of Tabernacles in 5 B.C., which is the month of September.

2. Satan was a guardian cherub angel in heaven prior to his fall.

Yes.  This is found in Ezekiel 28: 12-19, Isaiah 14, Jude 6, and II Peter 2:4.

3. Israel became a nation in May 1949.

No. It was May 1948.

4. The Temple Mount is the most controversial piece of real estate in the world.

Yes.  It is home to Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

5. God raised Jesus from the dead.

Yes.  Read Mark 16.  Jesus was raised from the dead by God, was seen by many afterwards, and then ascended into Heaven to be with God.

6. There were 8 people, 1 pair of unclean animals, and 5 pair of clean animals on Noah’s Ark.

No.  7 pairs of clean animals.

7. 25% of the Bible is prophecy.

 Yes, It is just over 25%.

I hope you did well on the fact checks.  We want to provide you with a variety of information, give you a better understanding of Biblical end times, challenge you to dig deeper, and for you to make it a personal matter.

People in all walks of life are searching for truth.  Man attempts to have all the answers and each of us has our own opinions—but only God has the truth.  God is the answer and the Bible is God’s word to mankind.

We were made in God’s image.  We are now born into sin and have a sinful nature ever since Adam and Eve disobeyed God while in the Garden of Eden.

Look at the world around us—the sinful nature of mankind comes roaring out and we see the manifestations every day. 

God created us with a body, soul and spirit.  Within each of us God placed a void that He wishes to fill.  God also gave us a free will to use during our lifetime to make choices.  The greatest choice and decision of our lifetime is to accept or reject God.


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